• General Conditions/Living Cost:

    Price of Accommodation: €103 Week

    Insurance: €27.80 Week

    *All expenses will be deducted in your salary paid every week.

  1. Warehouse Operator - ID Logistic - Picker & Packer - TILBURG

Job Description: Picking/packing electronics, repacking, sticking, sealing orders. Using the hand scanner. DRIVING THE EPT WHEN NECESSARY!

Salary: €10,98 brutto/hour + shift bonuses -after a trial period of 6 weeks, the salary can be raised by 1,5 %.

  1. Order Picker - Plus Beemster - MIDDENBEEMSTER

Job Description: Pick, stake and sticker products. Order picking with the EPT and an English or Polish voice-pick system. Work only in morning shift. Warehouse with heavy objects.

Salary: €12,34gross/hour + shift bonuses. Above 23 years old

  1. Warehouse Operator - GLS - UTRECHT/WIJCHEN

Job Description: Load and unload trucks/ packet sorting. This work can be physically challenging for some. Work only in late shift from 19:00 - 4:30.

Salary: 12,00€, BETWEEN 20:00-24:00 AND 05:00-07:00 +8,75%, BETWEEN 24:00-05:00 + 11,25% SUPPLEMENT

  1. Order Picker/EPT Driver - Van Heezik - UTRECHT

Job Description: Pick, stake and sticker ALL SORTS OF FOOD products. Order picking with a hand scanner. Driving the EPT.

Salary: 12,72€ Gross Hour

*Send your CV in English to one of the contacts available below.

E-mail: recrutamento_workplan4@outlook.pt

WhatsApp: +49 1521 1541 390